Recent Before & After Photos

Merrimack Vacant Rental and Storm Problems

The empty rental house was struck by storm water that drenched the carpeting and the baseboards in Merrimack. The Before Photo shows a waterlogged floor that ne... READ MORE

Amherst Kitchen Rebuild Post Fire Damage

The frying pan splattered flaming grease which heavily damaged a kitchen in Amherst. The homeowner was amazed by the rebuilt kitchen after some days of work. Th... READ MORE

Commercial Sewage Problem in a Merrimack Shop

The restroom spilled raw sewage onto the floor and furnishings of this beauty shop in Merrimack. This unsanitary incident requires professionally administered c... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Merrimack Gymnasium

Storm damage to this Merrimack gymnasium left standing water and debris covering the floor. The water remained on the floor long enough to allow seepage to the ... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Merrimack Home

Fire damage at this Merrimack home was so intense that it burnt through the ceiling and roof. The before photo show the gaping hole in the roof. This area neede... READ MORE

Damaged Ceiling in Amherst, NH Home

This Bedroom ceiling inside of an Amherst NH home had collapsed due to the baseboard heat line bursting inside of the attic above the bedroom. Water had leaked ... READ MORE

Flooding in a Merrimack Assisted Living Facility

The broken water line in the public restroom in this Merrimack assisted living home caused a great inconvenience to the clients of this business enterprise. Our... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Ceiling and Flat Roof

The severe storm in Amherst only lasted several hours, but it tore a hole in the roof allowing for about twenty gallons of water to filter down through the shea... READ MORE

A Space Heater Causes Fire Damage to a Merrimack Rental

Every year too many unnecessary house fires occur due to the poor placement of space heaters. This one created a flash fire from the stored flammable products i... READ MORE

Mold on Drywall in Merrimack, NH

When the customer's had prior rain damage up stairs in their attic a few months back, they didn't realize the extent of the damage and how bad it got. Even thou... READ MORE