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Restoring Water Damages to Your Mt. Vernon Apartment Building

1/16/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Restoring Water Damages to Your Mt. Vernon Apartment Building Water damage can quickly affect several properties at the same time in an apartment building due to all the rooms and areas being connected.

Help Keep Tenants Safe By Calling SERVPRO When Water Damage Affects Your Apartment Buildings

Your Mt. Vernon apartment building is home to several families that directly count on you to handle problems as they arise. As the owner of the building and landlord to those leasing properties inside, most of the maintenance and upkeep of the facility falls to you directly or to whomever you choose as a subcontractor for the tasks. You might not always be in preventative maintenance mode on your building, but failure to keep up with the plumbing inside can create some costly problems for you.

Water damage to your Mt. Vernon building can happen in several ways. You can have a compromised roof that buckles under the weight of heavy snowfall and ice that has not melted away. Appliances like washing machines in a central location for tenant use can overflow or malfunction. Pipes can freeze and burst, or just become too old to handle the fluctuating pressures and disconnect. Any of these scenarios can result in water damage to the building, but not only this, you have to clean the mess quickly before it affects the families living in the building directly.

Since all of the rooms and areas connect via walls, ceilings, or floors, it is not hard to see how a water emergency might quickly affect several properties at the same time. In these situations, restoration specialists like our SERVPRO team can significantly reduce the damage that could occur and work fast to restore what has already happened.

Locating the source of the problem is the first step in our SERVPRO technician’s initial assessment of the situation. If the problem was the plumbing, the water gets turned off to that section until the plumbing can get repaired. A hole in the roof can be boarded up or tarped to prevent further element interference while the restoration occurs and the area is getting prepped for reconstruction.

With so many families and tenants to think about in your Mt. Vernon apartment building, call the restoration specialists that you can trust. SERVPRO of Merrimack has an emergency response team that is available 24/7 to handle any water emergency that you might have. Give us a call today at (603) 262-9293.

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Removing Mold Damage in Amherst from Different Spots and Environments

1/9/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Removing Mold Damage in Amherst from Different Spots and Environments Cleaning Mold from Porous Surfaces in Amherst Homes Can Be Difficult--Call on SERVPRO for Remediation

Varying Steps for Different Mold Infestations Is Key to a Great Remediation

When SERVPRO technicians begin to remove mold spores, growth, and material from your home, they must go through a lengthy and intensive process to ensure that they do the job right. Without thorough work, the mold may still run rampant throughout the home and require additional treatments in the future. We make it a point to properly clean up mold damage in your Amherst home the first time through a multifaceted, complex, and carefully planned approach. While each situation may have different details, we usually must treat an infestation in these three ways.

Air Filtration
One of the most crucial parts of the SERVPRO process of mold damage remediation in Amherst is air filtration. Most mature colonies release millions of microscopic spores into the air that can circulate inside your home and spread to other rooms. While removing every one of these spores is impossible, "scrubbing" all but a few is a standard process in many mold damage cases. We utilize HEPA vacuums and other high-end industrial tools to eliminate as many airborne spores as possible, as quickly as possible. The use of negative air pressure equipment greater enhances this effort.
Removing Mold from Surfaces
Mold attached to a surface in your home such as a floor, wall, or ceiling must be approached differently from a fungus on movable objects. Here, we cannot usually move the surface in question, and must instead utilize specialized treatments and tools such as high-powered UV lights to kill the colony and safely remove it from a surface. Once all visible growth is gone, we then sanitize the area to kill off spores still in the area.
Objects and Furniture
Objects that can be moved and carefully treated are often subjected to a different treatment regimen than structural damage sites. Our technicians are trained in many different cleaning techniques to give different objects ideal care and attention. In some cases, we may also bring in a specialist to evaluate and work on sensitive objects such as artwork.

SERVPRO of Merrimack is a local provider of expert mold damage remediation and restoration services. Call us any time of day or night at (603) 262-9293.

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Trusted Fire Damage Restoration Services for Residents of Milford

1/3/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Trusted Fire Damage Restoration Services for Residents of Milford SERVPRO technicians respond quickly and act fast to restore your home after fire damage leaving it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Technicians Understand the Different Types of Fire Damage and the Procedures Needed to Clean Them

Cleaning up your property after experiencing a fire damage incident can be stressful since you might not have the right tools and expertise. As a resident of Milford, you need to learn the various options when faced with such an incident. One of the recommended steps to take is hiring professionals to restore and clean your property. In fact, you are advised to contact them as soon as the disaster strikes.

Communication is essential when dealing with fire damage incidents in Milford. That is why a licensed service provider like SERVPRO highlights the various steps it takes when restoring your property. The first thing that our technicians do is to analyze the type of fire and the level of the damage. The kind of damage is what determines the restoration procedure that we use to restore your property.

Before the restoration can start, we address the safety concerns of the site. Apart from checking whether there is any danger posed by the building's electrical system, we inspect whether the ceilings, walls, roofs and other such areas are intact. Since the combustion process produces smoke and soot, we fully understand the theory of fire and that helps us when choosing the right procedures when doing the restoration.

Dependent on the residues that are left behind after the fire, we can decide to use fluids or air to remove them. If the residues are dry and loosely attached to the surface, then our IICRC-certified technicians might choose to vacuum the target area. When the residues have mixed with moisture and removing them by vacuuming is not possible, we can dissolve them using a cleaning agent and later on flush and rinse the surface.

Once our SERVPRO team has cleaned your property, deodorization then follows to address any odors that might be present. We also dispose of the residues as per the local and state requirements.

SERVPRO of Merrimack is an experienced service provider that offers storm, water, fire and mold damage restoration services. Call us today at (603) 262-9293 to learn more about our professional services.  

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Problems Caused By Flood Damage That An Amherst Property Might Experience

12/22/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Problems Caused By Flood Damage That An Amherst Property Might Experience Various events can cause flooding in our area, but we help many homeowners when they encounter such disastrous circumstances.

Problems Caused By Flood Damage

Weather-related damages that an Amherst home might suffer range from slight warping of framed screens or missing shingles on a roof to massive flooding throughout the entire home. Various events can cause flooding in our area, but we help many homeowners when they encounter such disastrous circumstances.

Amherst homes can suffer flood damage whenever nearby bodies of water overflow. The Souhegan River can push water along smaller streams, and copious amounts of snow can melt quickly and then flow downhill into residential areas.

SERVPRO can help your family, and your home, after any type of flooding event. Flood damage requires a proper and prompt response to prevent the spread of destruction and disease. Our employees receive extensive training that results in the attainment of IICRC certificates in Water Damage Restoration (WRT) and Applied Microbial Remediation (AMRT). These certificates ensure that our technicians know and understand how a flood can affect your home, and the proper mitigation methods to use to rectify the damage.

No matter where the water came from, we can get it removed and restore your home's dryness once again. Working as a team, we work as quickly as possible to

    •    clear your home of debris (pathogens to mud, sand, and silt to larger items)

    •    remove materials that we cannot restore (carpets and warped or buckling materials)

    •    sanitize your home's surfaces

    •    combat the development of odors.

We must remove anything that can hold moisture from your home. Moisture allows microbes to flourish, and this can cause severe problems for your family home. Soil and mud, as well as carpeting, padding, drywall, insulation, and other now-saturated materials, can all create the perfect environment for mold, mildew, bacteria and other pathogens. Removing these items removes the water and these microorganisms' chance to thrive. Other items, such as broken shards of glass, twisted metal, and broken boards, can pose safety risks.

After we begin restoring the dryness your home requires, we can concentrate on sanitizing your home. Wiping down surfaces, including walls and shelves and removing caked and dried on mud around door frames makes your home ready for your return. Deodorizing the living area, so you do not experience the dank smell that many floods leave behind helps your family quickly recover from the flooding event and move forward. Our goal is to help make everything “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Merrimack has the dedicated professionals who can restore your home after any degree of flood damage. SERVPRO is always available to answer your call at our local number. Contact us, 24/7, 365 days a year, at (603) 262-9293, for our 24-hour, round-the-clock services.

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Commercial Water Damage from a Leaky Refrigerator in Your Amherst Deli

12/4/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Water Damage from a Leaky Refrigerator in Your Amherst Deli If you notice a leak in your commercial kitchen, call SERVPRO immediately to assess and remediate the damage.

SERVPRO Thoroughly Dries Your Commercial Space after Water Damage

Leaks in your commercial kitchen are not always indicative of a sink or dishwasher leak. A refrigerator that is faulty in your Amherst deli can be to blame, even if there is no water maker or an ice dispenser. A puddle of water inside or underneath the fridge indicates a problem which needs attention right away. Not only can it slow down your operations, but it can also halt them altogether if you do not have a properly working refrigerator to keep your foods fresh.

Commercial water damage is a serious problem since it creates a loss of money when you have to close up shop for a time or slow down operations. You rely on your Amherst deli to provide you with your daily living expenses, so you should contact us at SERVPRO right away if you realize you have a broken fridge. 

Most water damage we encounter comes from defective appliances or broken water pipes. These problems can flood your business fairly quickly, especially if you are not present when it begins. The amount of water that the leak puts into your building is significant, along with the source of the water.

With a leaking refrigerator, the water is clean, or category one. Clean water is treated water which does not contain waste products, so it is safe to work with and around. 

Once we have the source of the leak fixed and the standing water extracted, it is time to dry your structure out again. Using air movers positioned for optimal drying, we can have your shop dried back out quickly. SERVPRO technicians are trained on airflow and how the machines need to be placed so that the air is circulating in a circular pattern to dry the structure evenly.

For trying to dry areas, ventilation is essential. Walls are the most common areas that require ventilation. Slight wicking of water on walls near the baseboard is standard but does not necessarily mean water is inside the walls.

We remove the baseboards if water is inside the walls. We then drill a 1 ½” hole between each stud in the wall at the level of the baseboard. The holes are drilled through one side of the wall, so air is forced up into the wall cavities as it enters. We force air into the wall by attaching an air mover to a wall venting system.

SERVPRO of Merrimack ensures your building is thoroughly dry again before leaving the job. Businesses in the areas of Mt. Vernon, Merrimack, or Milford should call us right away at (603) 262-9293 if you have a water damage emergency.

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Expert Cleaning & Restoration Services To Battle Fire Damage In Your Amherst Home

11/21/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Expert Cleaning & Restoration Services To Battle Fire Damage In Your Amherst Home No matter how severe the fire damage may be, our SERVPRO team will be here to help your home get back to preloss condition.

SERVPRO Has The Expertise and Experience To Restore Your Amherst Home

The smoke generated by a fire in your Amherst area home can produce far more damage than the flames of the fire itself. Heat creates swirling plumes of smoke that stain your walls, driving smoke to other rooms, leaving soot and debris on a variety of unprotected surfaces.

Each surface in your Amherst home affected by smoke receives ongoing fire damage long after the flames are out. Depending on the surface, smoke residues eat away at protective coatings, eventually making contact with and damaging the material underneath. Without extensive knowledge, training, and specialized equipment, treating each surface can be somewhat tricky, leading to losses you might otherwise have avoided.

Making the call to SERVPRO gives you access to IICRC-industry certified technicians with vast knowledge and experience treating and cleaning a variety of surfaces found in your home.

We safely restore plastic, wood, metal, and fabric items regularly, giving you the ability to limit any losses you experience after a fire occurs on your property. By using chemical-sponges, EPA-registered disinfectants and other devices at our disposal, our cleaning technicians can save many items you thought lost forever.

SERVPRO cleaning and deodorization technicians help return the contents of your home to a quality pre-damage condition. We remove stains, smudges, and blemishes on many types of materials using advanced cleaning methods and equipment. Our technicians use various methods to remove deeply seeded smoke odors that linger forever without the proper treatment; we help remove these odors and help improve your indoor air quality after an event.

SERVPRO technicians are available throughout the area 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, regardless of when tragedy strikes. We have an entire Green Fleet, stocked, and ready to respond to your call for help. You can count on us to deliver quality, efficient services that repair, restore, or even rebuild, using technicians qualified in every aspect of household restoration.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Contact SERVPRO of Merrimack for full-service solutions to emergency situations that may occur on your property, or schedule your home’s initial inspection, today. (603) 262-9293

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Why You Need Professional Help in Dealing with Mold Damage to Your Amherst Property

11/14/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Why You Need Professional Help in Dealing with Mold Damage to Your Amherst Property Mold Patches on Your Amherst Home's Wall and Carpet? Call SERVPRO for Remediation and Restoration

SERVPRO Provides Remediation to Mold Infestations

Dealing with mold damage can be stressful for any homeowner in Amherst. Damp weather, flood or water damage can form a conducive environment for the mold to grow and thrive right under your nose. Mold can quickly spread if you do not act fast wreaking havoc on your property and can adversely affect your health as well.
Considering seeking professional help as soon as you spot signs of mold damage on your Amherst property. If left untreated, mold can quickly spread to various areas of your home causing a wide-spread damage that can be a nightmare to restore. Here are some reasons you are better off seeking professional help for mold remediation.
1. It is easy to spread mold: If you are not careful, you can quickly spread the mold in your entire house trying to clean it in no time. Our SERVPRO professionals are trained to contain the mold damage to the affected areas. We use containment barriers and other precautions to minimize the spread of the contamination.

2. Eliminating the moisture is the key: Mold thrives in damp and moist places. If you do not remove the moisture entirely, the spores in the air can cause secondary growth. Here at SERVPRO, we use powerful dehumidifying equipment to eliminate moisture and restore the humidity to pre-damage levels. Our professionals also use various moisture sensing equipment to ensure that the moisture level of the affected areas is under control even after the completion of the whole process. Our AMRT technicians can ensure proper drying and moisture elimination.  

3. Disposing of the contaminated material: Disposal of the contaminated material such as drywall, carpet or studs safely is critical to limit the spread the infestation. SERVPRO professionals have training and experience in proper handling and disposal of the mold contamination. If you try a DIY approach, chances are, you might end up spreading the mold to new places and worsen the situation.

Seeking professional help for mold remediation is essential. Professionals have the required training, technical skills, and experience that make mold remediation sometimes easy and fast but always safe.
Call SERVPRO of Merrimack at (603) 262 9293 today to schedule an appointment. Talk to our experts to learn more about strategies for mold remediation that meet your needs.

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Cleaning Up Fire Damage After a Fire from an Electric Blanket in Milford

11/9/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Cleaning Up Fire Damage After a Fire from an Electric Blanket in Milford It is important to follow the safety guidelines when using a heated blanket in order to prevent fire damage to your home.

The Different Techniques Used to Remove Fire Damage from Your Home

Electric blankets are great for keeping you warm and toasty in the coming cold months in Milford. However, they can also cause fires if they are not appropriately used or well-maintained. If you choose to use it all night long, you must ensure the blanket is equipped with thermostatic controls for safety. When not in use, the blanket should be stored flat to prevent overheating from damage to the internal wiring.

If an electric blanket has caused a fire and fire damage in your home in Milford, you have various levels and types of damage left behind to deal with. Rather than trying to do the cleanup on your own, contact our professionals at SERVPRO, who have the knowledge and training needed to deal with all types of damages from a fire.

In fire damage restoration, our cleaning process must break the bond between the soils and surfaces they adhere to. The actions we use to loosen soils include mechanical action, lubrication, chemical action, and suspension and dispersion.

Often, agitation is an effective method to dislodge soils from surfaces they are attached to. When smoke residues adhere to surfaces, using mechanical action before other cleaning actions can be successful. We use mechanical action as an initial step to pre-clean excess dry, non-greasy residues from a surface before putting either water-based or solvent-based cleaning products.

The action of making something slippery is lubrication. Our goal here is to break the connection between the soil and surface by making soils slide into the cleaning solution.

Chemical actions happen when a substance chemically changes or alters another substance. Many times, a SERVPRO tech applies a cleaning product to alter some residue chemically. The changes made to the residues let us remove them from a material or surface.

The most common cleaning action is loosening soils, then suspending and dispersing them in a cleaning product. Then we extract soils along with the cleaning product. Suspension occurs when a soil dissolves in a cleaning product it mixes with, or when soils emulsify in a cleaning product they do not mix with.

After a fire in your home, SERVPRO of Merrimack can be trusted to thoroughly clean and repair the damages. If you reside in the areas of Amherst, Milford, or Merrimack, you can reach us by dialing (603) 262-9293.

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When Flood Damage Restoration Needs Special Equipment to Be Completed in Amherst

10/23/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage When Flood Damage Restoration Needs Special Equipment to Be Completed in Amherst Call SERVPRO for Flood Damage Cleanup and Water Removal in Amherst

Standing Water Requires Special Removal and Drying Services

Torrential rainfalls are a common occurrence in Amherst during the rainy seasons. While they are a blessing in their own way, they can also cause significant losses to local homeowners. The resultant floods can sweep cars and other items away, and even compromise the structural integrity of your home.

At SERVPRO, we have a team of highly experienced technicians that are specifically trained for flood damage restoration projects in Amherst. Our tools and techniques are chosen according to IICRC guidelines, ensuring that the cleanup process goes smoothly and efficiently. Our goal is to restore your property to its original state as best as possible, "Like it never even happened."
There are many pieces of flood damage restoration equipment required to complete the job correctly. This field is complex and takes a lot of expertise and technology to do right. Before entering the site, SERVPRO workers must wear special clothing to protect themselves. Additionally, we must bring tools and heavy equipment for removing moisture from the air and drying out the interior.
Disinfectants and chemical cleaners are also useful in flood damage restoration, as well as moisture detection devices for spotting problem areas. In cases of severe water damage, SERVPRO technicians may use certain demolition tools to remove compromised materials quickly. These include axes and sledgehammers. In other cases, we may use a pressure washer to clean out the areas that sustained significant flood damage.
Natural floods can cause three types of flood damage. If the water comes from a sanitary source, it belongs to category 1 and does not require protective clothing most of the time. It is not common to have uncontaminated water post flooding. If it has some contaminants, it is placed in category 2. The third category refers to any standing water that is thoroughly contaminated. In any case, it is always best to include protective clothing in a restoration equipment kit.
To this end, SERVPRO professionals use PPE (personal protective equipment) that consists of safety goggles, rubber boots, rubber gloves, full body protective gear, and a respirator designed for areas with high moisture levels. The respirator, in particular, is important because it prevents our technicians from inhaling airborne contaminants, such as mold, during the restoration process.
If you find yourself in a flood damage situation, SERVPRO of Merrimack has got you covered. We offer 24/7 emergency services to residents and neighboring towns to ease the stress of floods and other natural events. Call us today at (603) 262-9293.

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Water Removal from Your Wood Flooring in Amherst

10/22/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Removal from Your Wood Flooring in Amherst Drying out wood flooring properly requires expertise that our certified technicians possess. Contact SERVPRO to begin drying out and restoring.

Team SERVPRO Removes Water From Your Property Quickly and Efficiently for Best Results

When you have had flooding of any kind, particularly over wooden flooring, in your Amherst home, it is essential that you get the water extracted right away. The longer it remains, the more damage is done to your floor. Wood contains moisture naturally, but it expands when it absorbs excess moisture, and the boards can start to warp. Eventually, buckling can take place, and if the moisture remains long enough, you must replace your floor.
When needed, water removal in your Amherst home needs to be done right away. The best thing to do is to trust the professionals at SERVPRO to help you, rather than trying to do it yourself. Our staff has the tools and knowledge to efficiently take care of the problem quickly and save your wood floors.
We waste no time after arriving at your home in extracting the water. If there is any carpeting over it, it must be removed first, along with the padding. Finished wood flooring sometimes returns to its usual shape once drying is done and can be restored. Your floors should not be sanded until they are totally dry since drying continues and could cause the floor to expand or contract further.
SERVPRO techs may need to put dehumidifiers or air movers in the area to ensure that the floor is dried completely. Then, the floor can be refinished and/or sanded. We use a nonpenetrating moisture meter to find any wet areas, and Teflon coated probes of a penetrating moisture meter to figure out how much moisture content is in the layers at the wettest point. We explain all our procedures first, so you know what we are doing and why.
Our machines for drying are checked on daily to make sure they are drying the floor properly. We may need to reposition them to get the most efficient drying time.
SERVPRO of Merrimack is well-trained in drying your wooden floors after a flooding incident. If you reside in the areas of Amherst, Milford, or Merrimack, give us a call right away at (603) 262-9293.
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