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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Mold in attic in Merrimack

A attic that had mold in the attic, we remediated the mold in the attic

Water Damage in Merrimack, NH

A sprinkler head malfunction at this Holiday Inn in Merrimack, NH dumped a substantial amount of water into the structure. As seen in the before photo, the hall... READ MORE

Water Damage in Litchfield, NH

This flooded closet in Litchfield, NH was the result of a broken pipe within the walls. The extent of the damage is seen on the carpet as it is drenched in wate... READ MORE

Microbial Growth in Merrimack, NH

The before picture shows microbial growth on the ceiling inside of a screen house in Merrimack, NH. Mold can be very tricky to get rid of but with the right che... READ MORE

Water Damage in Milford, NH

The before picture shows quite a bit of water damage affecting the ceiling and wood flooring. Even though it looks like a messy clean up, SERVPRO of Merrimack w... READ MORE

Mold in Kitchen in Merrimack, NH

Microbial growth almost seems impossible for remediation, but for SERVPRO of Merrimack it was a piece of cake. The before picture shows black mold inside a kitc... READ MORE

Water Damage in Litchfield, NH

The extent of the damage on the ceiling in Litchfield NH is very noticeable and that it was caused by a pipe bursting inside of the ceiling. With this type of c... READ MORE

Mold in Basement in Merrimack, NH

Looking at these photos here you can see microbial growth on the floor inside of this Merrimack, NH home. When the customers were away they had a miner flood in... READ MORE

Mold on Drywall in Merrimack, NH

When the customer's had prior rain damage up stairs in their attic a few months back, they didn't realize the extent of the damage and how bad it got. Even thou... READ MORE

A Space Heater Causes Fire Damage to a Merrimack Rental

Every year too many unnecessary house fires occur due to the poor placement of space heaters. This one created a flash fire from the stored flammable products i... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Ceiling and Flat Roof

The severe storm in Amherst only lasted several hours, but it tore a hole in the roof allowing for about twenty gallons of water to filter down through the shea... READ MORE

Flooding in a Merrimack Assisted Living Facility

The broken water line in the public restroom in this Merrimack assisted living home caused a great inconvenience to the clients of this business enterprise. Our... READ MORE

Damaged Ceiling in Amherst, NH Home

This Bedroom ceiling inside of an Amherst NH home had collapsed due to the baseboard heat line bursting inside of the attic above the bedroom. Water had leaked ... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Merrimack Home

Fire damage at this Merrimack home was so intense that it burnt through the ceiling and roof. The before photo show the gaping hole in the roof. This area neede... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Merrimack Gymnasium

Storm damage to this Merrimack gymnasium left standing water and debris covering the floor. The water remained on the floor long enough to allow seepage to the ... READ MORE

Commercial Sewage Problem in a Merrimack Shop

The restroom spilled raw sewage onto the floor and furnishings of this beauty shop in Merrimack. This unsanitary incident requires professionally administered c... READ MORE

Amherst Kitchen Rebuild Post Fire Damage

The frying pan splattered flaming grease which heavily damaged a kitchen in Amherst. The homeowner was amazed by the rebuilt kitchen after some days of work. Th... READ MORE

Merrimack Vacant Rental and Storm Problems

The empty rental house was struck by storm water that drenched the carpeting and the baseboards in Merrimack. The Before Photo shows a waterlogged floor that ne... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Merrimack Meeting Room

Commercial water damage at this Merrimack meeting room occurred when the main water line burst during the night. The before photo shows how much standing water ... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Merrimack Home

Fire Damage at this Merrimack home started with an electrical fire in a ceiling fixture. The before photo shows damage to the ceiling and attic area around the ... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Merrimack Home

Storm damage at this Merrimack home took place when high winds associated with a band of thunderstorms tore portions of the roofing away from the house. The kit... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Merrimack Home

Fire damage to this Merrimack home was extensive. The family was very concerned that the fire would mean that their entire home would have to be torn down and r... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Merrimack Medical Facility

Commercial water damage struck this Merrimack medical office building when a powerful storm damaged the roof of the building. A great deal of rainwater poured i... READ MORE

Water Damage Repair In Merrimack

Mold and fire will cause damage to your property, but water damage by far is the most destructive force that your property will encounter. When dealing with wat... READ MORE

Mold Damage in an Amherst Home

Moisture often leads to mold growth in Amherst properties during any season of the year. With a lack of sunlight, a food source such as the lumber in this garag... READ MORE

Storm Damage Restoration In Merrimack

Storms can be unpredictable, but our team at SERVPRO of Merrimack is not. When you contact our team, you are contacting a company that is a leader in the restor... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Merrimack Kitchen

Fire damage at this Merrimack home began in the kitchen on the stove top. A grease fire was started, and they burn very hot. That high heat creates a lot of soo... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage - Merrimack Office

Commercial water damage happened to this vacant Merrimack office space when a main water line burst. The property manager was checking the office for an upcomin... READ MORE

Mold from a Damp Basement in Merrimack

Colder climates battle moisture problems in basements, especially during the early Spring thaws. The ground is still frozen, and the runoff of melting snow and ... READ MORE

Nor'easter Storms Can Ruin an Amherst House

The rip in the roof from the fierce winds allowed rainwater to soak the attic crawl and weigh down the insulation and sheetrock ceiling until it collapsed in th... READ MORE

Water Damage - Merrimack Home

Water damage at this Merrimack home occurred when a PVC drain line from the second-floor bathroom tub sprung a leak. Since the leak was a slow leak, it took som... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Warehouse--Merrimack

The ripped roof from a gale-force wind allowed the air currents to swirl around within the Merrimack warehouse and cause a lot of havoc and mess to the stored i... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Merrimack Garage

Fire damage at this Merrimack garage started when a pile of oily rags and debris caught on fire when a hot lawn mower was parked right next to the oily rags. Th... READ MORE

Water Damage – Merrimack House

Water damage to this Merrimack house was the result of a massive storm causing flooding in the basement of the dwelling. Other areas of the house suffered minor... READ MORE

Flooding in a Merrimack Basement

Team SERVPRO of Merrimack was recently called to dry out the basement at a residence in Merrimack, New Hampshire. These are before and during photos of the job.... READ MORE

Water Damage Repair And Restoration In Brookline

Our staff was contacted regarding a water damage disaster at a home in Brookline. A pipe leak from the upstairs bathroom damaged the first-floor ceiling. Our te... READ MORE

Lyndeborough Mold Damage Remediation

Our customer in Lyndeborough, NH experienced a water damage loss which resulted in a major finding of mold in the living room. The SERVPRO crew quickly containe... READ MORE

Fire Restoration in Milford

When this cafe owner experienced a fire, they called SERVPRO to remediate the damage. After assessing the situation, we removed the items from the pantry- both ... READ MORE

Hotel Mold Damage in Merrimack

What do you do when water damage in your Merrimack Holiday Inn turns to mold? Why call SERVPRO, of course! Our crew offers containment of the infestation, treat... READ MORE

Water Damage in Amherst

This Amherst homeowner called SERVPRO when they discovered a leak in their ceiling. Pipes from the upstairs bathroom had burst causing water to leak throughout... READ MORE

Gym Toilet Leak in Hudson

When a toilet leak at a local Hudson gym and caused both flooding and a mold infestation, they turned to SERVPRO. Our technicians assessed the damage and began ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Bedford Home

What do you do when you have unexpected water in your basement? This homeowner called SERVPRO. We responded to the call, and after assessing the situation, we... READ MORE

Black Mold Damage in Merrimack

When black mold is found on a premises, containment and the removal of the affected walls or other materials affected is typically recommended and done. Our tea... READ MORE

Water Damaged Garage in Hollis

When a water loss event occurs on a second story, there is a good chance that the damage has affected the structure below. In this home, water leaked from the u... READ MORE

Milford Water and Subsequent Mold Damage

When this Milford laundry room had a water damage incident, they did not think mold was an issue as well. But when the crew came out to remediate the water dam... READ MORE

Basement Mitigation in Merrimack due to water damage

This flooded basement in Merrimack, New Hampshire needed immediate restoration. Our team arrived with the right equipment to handle the water damage. Our cust... READ MORE

Water Damaged Ceiling

What do you do when you have water leaking from your ceiling? Call your SERVPRO Franchise professionals as this homeowner did. As you can see, the damage in the... READ MORE


Archived Before & After Photos