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Harsh Weather Conditions Can Force You to Leave Your Amherst Home

8/16/2021 (Permalink)

large tree fallen, damaging two homes Storm damage can result in your temporarily relocating. SERVPRO is your one stop shop for storm damage remediation.

What should I do after Evacuating my Amherst Property in a Storm?

Severe weather conditions can force you to evacuate your Amherst home temporarily. SERVPRO can help to secure and restore the property until it is safe to return.

What Services are Available for Homeowners That are Temporarily Relocated Due to a Storm Emergency?

Our services operate within the margins of first responders and remodeling for homes with storm damage in Amherst. One of the hardest challenges homeowners face during testing weather is the stress of temporarily evacuating their homes. It can be tough to focus on work or life when you are unsure of the safety of your property and possessions. Our team incorporates general contractor training programs (OSHA) into our qualifications and expertise. OSHA qualifications mean we are capable of performing emergency remediation and reconstructive restoration. After speaking with your insurance provider, you should immediately contact a restoration service to reduce the chances of further loss or looting while your property is vacant.

What Can I do to Secure a Property That is Currently Vacant Due to a Violent Weather Event?

Professional restorers can enter, scope, and seal a property that is temporarily vacated due to weather-related emergencies. Setting up security in and around your property can help to deter criminal activities while the home is vacant. SERVPRO restorers can set up clear signage as well as boarding up broken windows or doors using robust materials to prevent unlawful entry. Also, our technicians can prevent further water intrusion by sealing upper levels from the elements. These may include installing temporary tarpaulins over any gaps in roofing or structure that stop rainwater from entering the property. At the ground level, our team can block entrance ways to prohibit further water intrusion from the roads or neighborhoods.

How Can I Protect my Possessions After Temporarily Vacating My Home During a Storm?

Leaving your home in an emergency can force you to leave most of your possessions behind. As part of our emergency services package, we can offer residents secure storage for their contents during the restoration. While it is more convenient and less time-consuming to keep contents on-site, there are some situations where contents could become damaged or unsafe in a storm-damaged structure. A move-out process involves creating a digital inventory of the contents in your home. We enlist professional movers to transport these items to a climate-controlled warehouse for cleaning, drying, and storage until we can safely bring them back to the structure. Our team makes a note of the location in the home of any contents that require removal so we can put them back in their original position when they are ready to return to the property.

What Contents Restoration Services can I Expect From a Move-Out?

  • Dry cleaning of fabrics and textiles
  • Decontamination and cleaning
  • Storage in a climate-controlled warehouse
  • Immersion cleaning for dense items
  • Esporta washing that can remove up to 99% of soils
  • Deodorization of textiles and contents that are odorous
  • Full accountability, insurance protection, and security while items are in storage

Do I need to wait for an insurance adjuster estimate before starting an emergency restoration?

We work closely with insurance adjusters when performing any restoration works on a property, and usually producing estimates is done before work begins. However, in storm-related damages, it can be challenging to produce a full estimate until emergency services at the property are complete. Often properties with significant water intrusion are impossible to fully assess before reducing the standing water levels. Equally, there may be structural damage that is not immediately apparent until further restoration and inspections are complete. Most of the time, emergency restoration is already underway before a resident receives an estimate. By performing mitigation tasks as quickly as possible, we can reduce the chances of further harm coming to your home.

What Kind of Hidden Damages Can Occur in a Property With Significant Water Intrusion (Flooding) and Storm Impact?

  • Flooding of the properties cavities, including floors and ceilings
  • Warping of the structural frame, which can require remodeling or reconstruction
  • The extent of water migration. Blackwater migration can result in significant demolition and reinstallation of building materials to return it to a preloss condition.
  • Mold or other microbial growth-related damages
  • Condensation water damage. For example, water migration from a crawl space with no vapor-barriers
  • Damages to the electrical or plumbing systems within the home

The impact of storm damages to a property can often feel overwhelming to a homeowner. Many potential sources of damage can make restoration a significant undertaking. Our technicians are here to help mitigate against expensive or permanent damages to both your home and contents. By performing timely emergency and mitigation procedures, we can bring down the overall expense of your claim as well as reducing the time frame to return your home to a preloss condition.

If you are temporarily relocated from your home due to a storm, contact SERVPRO of Merrimack at (603) 262-9293.

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