Recent Before & After Photos

Sewage Biohazard in a Merrimack Basement

Older homes often suffer rusted, iron sewage pipes that finally split and spew biohazardous substances onto the concrete pad. A Merrimack homeowner realized the... READ MORE

Hollis Water Loss--Not for Long!

The bulkhead doors leading to the basement, both finished (as shown in the Before Photo) and unfinished, allowed water seepage from the exterior. Our office sta... READ MORE

Water Damage – Francestown Home

Water damage at this Francestown home originated with a water pipe above the ceiling, developing a leak. Water had seeped into multiple rooms in the dwelling, a... READ MORE

Water Damaged Basement In Merrimack

A homeowner in Merrimack contacted our experts regarding a water damage emergency. The water heater burst and caused damage to the unfinished basement. We arriv... READ MORE

Merrimack Flooded Basement, What Next?

We suggest to call us, SERVPRO because We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. By arriving soon after the call for help, our local company can immediately begin to e... READ MORE

Water Damage – Bedford Home

Water damage at this vacant Bedford home was caused by a broken water pipe. There was no furniture to be damaged because the house was empty, but the water dama... READ MORE

Conference Room in Amherst and a Water Loss

The water stains on this carpet in a conference room of an Amherst office is more complicated than it appears. The discoloration of residues left by the cleanin... READ MORE

Water Damaged Laundry Room

Yikes! What a mess! What do you do when flooding causes the back yard to enter your home? This homeowner called their local SERVPRO Franchise professionals. Fir... READ MORE

Water Damaged Ceiling

What do you do when you have water leaking from your ceiling? Call your SERVPRO Franchise professionals as this homeowner did. As you can see, the damage in the... READ MORE

Basement Mitigation in Merrimack due to water damage

This flooded basement in Merrimack, New Hampshire needed immediate restoration. Our team arrived with the right equipment to handle the water damage. Our cust... READ MORE