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Professional Services Available To Treat Mold In The Attic Of Your Mt. Vernon Home

2/8/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Grows in a Damaged Mt. Vernon Attic

SERVPRO Information on Mold Problems in Your Mt. Vernon Home's Attic

If you are like most people, storing your Christmas decorations is likely one of the few times you enter your attic every year. Making it nearly impossible to notice maintenance issues or poor weather conditions that cause damage to your roof, leading to mold growth forming in your attic.
As the year progresses, unless something happens to draw your attention to the issue, you are unlikely to hire a qualified professional to perform an inspection for mold in the attic of your Mt. Vernon home, leaving you with significant mold damage that you do not even know exists.
Situations like these require access to a company with expertly trained professionals that can locate the source of moisture, repair the problem and perform any necessary mold remediation services to correct the situation properly, someone like SERVPRO.
If the company that you use decides to perform mold remediation and clean up services without locating and repairing whatever is causing the moisture to exist, other microscopic spores can return when the right conditions exist, creating the same problem, time after time.
At SERVPRO, we find that most moisture problems in your attic exist due to roofing repair issues or improper ventilation. A pipe running through your attic may have a slow leak, or there could be a blocked or broken vent, or may not be enough vents to ventilate the attic properly causing the humidity to rise and excessive condensation to exist. In the cold season, ice damming is often the cause of water intrusion and damage which can also lead to mold proliferation.
The professionals at SERVPRO use a variety of methods to locate roof leaks and provide you with qualified professionals to perform a proper inspection to assist with identifying any discolored insulation or wood in your attic consistent with mold contamination. The inspection requires navigating through the entire attic, visually inspecting rafters, sheathing, joists, roof valleys and other areas that are highly susceptible to roof leaks.
If skylights, chimneys, windows and vents exist, or any portion of the building materials that are dissimilar in nature come together, the area needs to be checked for leaks and sealed properly. Even if you have a vapor barrier installed, a check for excessive condensation should detect if moisture exists that might lead to mold problems.
Air travels up, and any moisture produced by activities such as cooking, bathing, using a clothes dryer or dishwasher can cause moisture to rise to your attic. Without the proper ventilation, this moisture becomes trapped and leads to mold problems forming in your attic.
Keep safety in mind and contact a professional from SERVPRO of Merrimack today, give us the opportunity to inspect your mold problem thoroughly. Contact us today. (603) 262-9293

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