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Give the Gift of Words in Amherst this Holiday Season

11/23/2020 (Permalink)

Amherst town hall SERVPRO helps Amherst commercial and civic properties with mold remediation

Budding Poets in Amherst Are Invited to Explore Expressions Through Poetry

New Hampshire has a proud poetry tradition, and the Poetry Society Of New Hampshire is celebrating that tradition this festive season with a series of virtual events. Whether you are a writer yourself or love to listen, there is something for everyone this winter.

In November, join poet Susanna Hargreaves for a very special event:

  • A discussion of “I am” poetry and how to use it
  • Discover Susanna’s unique approach to this popular poem form
  • Learn to write your own Gift of Words to share with loved ones

The meeting will be held on Zoom on December 1 at 7 PM. Contact the Society to book your place and to receive your poetry template ahead of time.

Mold is a worry for commercial venues at this damp time of year, whether events are in-person or virtual. SERVPRO of Merrimack is here to offer mold inspections and remediation to all businesses in the area. Call us today at (603) 262-9293

SERVPRO Encourages Residents and Visitors to Enjoy the Great Outdoors In Merrimack

11/8/2020 (Permalink)

Merrimack town hall sign Merrimack depends on SERVPRO for water damage restoration--ask the residents!

Merrimack Is a Perfect Destination for Getting Back to Nature

Merrimack is a lovely New England town, with a population of a little over 25,000 people. It is the perfect size to have plenty of amenities for residents and visitors alike while still being small enough to retain a classic New England charm. The great outdoors are never far away in Merrimack, and it offers ample opportunity for fresh air, exercise, and the peace and quiet that comes with getting back to nature.

There is evidence that Merrimack was settled as long ago as just after the last ice age! The settlement was beside a river called Monnomoke or Merramake, which is a First Nations term for sturgeon, a type of fish that was very common in the Merrimack River. By the time the town was incorporated, the river was known as the Merrymac, and the city took its name.

Merrimack enjoyed a boom in the nineteenth century when a railroad was built in town, and a new town hall was put up. These days Merrimack is a thriving community made up of four distinct areas that call to mind the old days when each was a separate village:

  • South Merrimack occupies the Southwestern part of town, near the Boston Post Road.
  • Reed Ferry, in the Northern part of town, is situated beside Merrimack River and is also close to Baboosic Lake.
  • Thornton's Ferry is situated beside peaceful Nanticook Lake. It is named after Matthew Thornton, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.
  • Merrimack Village sits between Reed Ferry and Thorntons Ferry and contains the library, town hall, and several schools. It is beside the Souhegan River.

Enjoying the Great Outdoors in Merrimack

Merrimack has hiking trails, horseback riding, and mountain biking paths galore. Here are some of the best places to explore nature in and around Merrimack:

  • Wildcat Falls Park and Conservation Area is the place to go for outdoor activities. There are miles of walking trails that include powerful river rapids, a dramatic waterfall, and lots of peaceful woodlands. Grab a free map at the entrance and enjoy exploring – just be careful of the steep drops around the falls.
  • Twin Bridge Park and Kids Kove is perfect if you are looking for something a little less strenuous than Wildcat Falls. There's an easy trail suitable for all the family beside the river, plus a wooden playground that provides hours of fun for the kids.
  • Wasserman Park is a family-friendly dog park where you can enjoy watching lots of beautiful breeds even if you are not a dog owner yourself. The park offers basketball and tennis courts, grill pits, and docks to swim from or sunbathe on.

Time your visit right, and you will be able to catch the Fourth of July parade or the annual Rock’n Ribfest, a family event with live music and delicious ribs prepared in all kinds of ways.

There Is Indoor Fun on Tap Too

If the weather changes or you are ready to sit down, Merrimack has plenty of indoor attractions too. Kids will love Nuthin' But Good Times, a family event center with an indoor playground, a cafe, and even relaxing massage chairs for tired kids.

If you need refreshment, Hayward's Ice Cream has been producing delicious ice cream for over 70 years now, and word is they are very good at it. Adults will love a trip to Anheuser-Busch brewery, where you can take a tour, sample many different beers, and stop off at the gift shop. Or if you are looking for a bargain, look no further than Merrimack Premium Outlets, where you will find over 100 designer stores offering deep discounts.

Historic Flooding on The Merrimack River

One of the few downsides of living near a beautiful river like the Merrimack is the risk of flooding. Merrimack's situation near other rivers and lakes puts it at an additional chance of a flood incident. There have been several such incidents in history:

  • In March 1936, a double flood of rainwater and melting snow raised the Merrimack level to 20.8 m at Lowell.
  • The New England Hurricane of 1938 was one of the most deadly hurricanes in the area and caused flooding on the Merrimack.
  • On May 15, 2006, New England was hit by severe flooding. Excessive rainfall raised the Merrimack 2.8 m above flood levels, triggering evacuations and causing extensive property damage.

The Merrimack does not flood often, but it still carries some flood risk and with it all the inconvenience and stress that comes with flooding. Thankfully SERVPRO is on hand to help residents if such a flood ever happens again. We can also help with flooding caused by garden run-off, heavy rainstorms, or indoor disasters such as plumbing leaks or broken appliances.

How Does SERVPRO Deal with Raw Sewage in Flood Situations?

When the Merrimack flooded in 2006, the floodwater force broke the main sewage pipeline at the city of Haverhill, MA, causing 35 million gallons of raw sewage to flow into the river daily.

Raw sewage is a particularly distressing side effect of flooding in your home. If you are looking for water companies near you in Merrimack, be sure to choose one like SERVPRO with the experience to handle raw sewage:

  • We act quickly because the longer we leave contaminated water, the greater the health risk.
  • We equip all our technicians with all the personal protective equipment they need to handle a raw sewage situation. This includes waders, long rubber gloves, aprons, full bodysuits, and ventilators.
  • We quickly dispose of all contaminated building materials, rugs, drapes, and furniture, to decontaminate your home.
  • We offer full health and safety training to all our staff.

When your home is dry and decontaminated, we deodorize it. We use activated carbon filters, HEPA filters, air scrubbers, and specially formulated pellets to remove odors from your home and leave it "Like it never even happened."

If you are thinking of water companies near you, think of SERVPRO of Merrimack. We are on hand to deal with any flood or contamination situation you may face. Call us at (603) 262-9293.

How Can Residents Deal with House Fires?

10/30/2020 (Permalink)

heavy smoke and soot on ceiling Even small fires leave smoke and soot damage throughout your house. SERVPRO has the tools to remove the soot and restore your home.

Amherst Residents Can Reduce Losses of Fire Damage by Contacting SERVPRO.

What methods reduce fire losses?

A property fire in your Amherst home can be a harrowing experience. Many items you collect over the year may become permanently damaged or ruined by soots, odors, and smoke residue. Structural soiling can often be impossible to remove without using specific cleaning products and methods. SERVPRO is a local restoration service that can help recover your home and contents using cutting-edge cleaning technologies and methodology. We understand that residents need to continue with their lives regardless of fire-incidents and work with you to minimize personal disruption.

What are subcontractors enlisted for fire damage recovery?

  • A building or general construction expert may need enlisting when significant parts of a structure sustain damage.
  • Remodelers and architects are usually reserved for the most extreme fire loss scenarios but can sometimes be necessary.
  • Electricians are used to re-circuit or restore power to a home if there is damage to the fault box or wiring.

Are subcontractors essential to fire loss recovery?

It can be frustrating to need multiple services for fire damage in your Amherst home. Numerous subcontractors are not required as SERVPRO technicians can perform extensive cleaning, restoration, and deodorizing tasks in many situations. In specific instances enlisting a subcontractor may be critical to returning your home to its preloss condition. We can enlist trusted-third parties on your behalf and task them with their specific requirements for your home. You may also request subcontractors if there are unique requirements, such as artwork restoration or remodeling. 

What considerations are useful for subcontracting?

  • The infrastructure of the vendor including location, expertise, insurance, licensing, and financial stability
  • Vendor reputation for outstanding work and quality.
  • Verifying subcontractors by using the better business bureau, city council, or the contractor license board.

Subcontracting duties may be necessary to return your home to its normal condition. Contact SERVPRO of Merrimack at (603) 262-9293.

How Can Property Owners Restore their Homes After Flood Damage Occurs?

10/28/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician consulting with customer Regardless of the way that your home was flooded, SERVPRO is the effective company for water removal services. Call right away.

Flood Damage Restoration in Amherst Requires Special Skills and Cutting-Edge Techniques that Only a Certified Firm Like SERVPRO Can Deliver.

Floodwater can seep into hard to reach areas and cause severe damage in your Amherst home in the long run. You need the help of SERVPRO restoration experts to restore your property. We have advanced equipment and we apply approved practices that can get your property back to the condition it was in before with the storm. 

Do homeowners need to involve professionals for small floodwater?

Unfortunately, even a small amount of floodwater can cause damage like warped wood, stained walls, and mold growth if not handled on time. When storm flood damage in your Amherst residence occurs, do not attempt to clean up the affected area without professional help. It is vital to contact professionals if floodwater:

Is in a crawl space or behind a wall

Touches drywall

Saturates upholstered furniture or saturates carpeting

Creates a pool of water

Why should homeowners involve SERVPRO technicians?

SERVPRO is a leading restoration firm. We achieved this by providing our customers with:

Quality services

Start-to-finish restoration

Exceptional customer service

We deliver the highest possible customer experience by offering real-time updates to our clients and their insurance company.

What is the timescale for the restoration process?

We always aim to arrive at our customer's property within the shortest time possible. Since flood water can get too hard to notice the area, our experienced professionals can use thermal imaging cameras to check how water traveled in the structure. We can also use a luminometer to test for organic contamination in water and surfaces.

The inspection helps us to determine the best restoration techniques to use. With modern equipment, and rapid drying technology, we can get your property to its former glory in the shortest time possible.

What happens to the moisture behind drywall?

We try as much as possible to minimize damage to our customer's property. However, that does not mean that we ignore moisture behind walls. We can use a drilling machine to drill small holes in the drywall to access the moisture. Our restorers can use structural cavity drying equipment to direct dry air behind the drywall. The dry air replaces the moist air behind the wall leading to faster drying.

Do not let flood water damage your valuable items. Contact SERVPRO of Merrimack at (603) 262-9293 for professional restoration. "Like it never even happened."

Can the Floors of my Amherst Home Be Saved After Flooding?

10/18/2020 (Permalink)

flooded room with blank frame hanging on the wall When you respond quickly, team SERVPRO can remove the water to save your floors. Contact us right away.

SERVPRO is a Flood Damage Specialist that Can Help Assess and Restore your Amherst Home After an Emergency.

Are floors susceptible to water damage?

Finished floors in your Amherst home are among the most susceptible to water-related damages in a flood situation. It is essential to have a professional technician inspect the finish of your floor and any other aspects of the material assembly when performing a restoration. Since floor finishes can vary significantly from carpets to hardwoods and vinyl, it is vital that you have good knowledge of how floors are constructed and what are the best methods for drying or cleaning a particular material. Our technicians have significant experience working within residential properties and can effectively apply our drying systems to different materials.

Do floodwaters have a worse effect on carpets or wood?

The type of flood damage that is sustained in your Amherst home can depend on the material. Carpeting is among the most commonly used floor finishes in residential properties. Carpets can be made from nylon, polyester, or wool, with nylon being the most resilient material. Wooden floors are repairable in almost all flooding situations, providing restoration technicians are dealing with hardwood. Lighter constructions such as vinyl are typically inexpensive, which makes replacing them a good option when considering flood repair.

What methods are used to dry wet carpets?

  • In-place drying involves drying the material without disengaging the carpet and can be time-efficient especially in areas with heavy furnishings.
  • Drying the carpet flat is when restoration technicians remove both the carpet and dispose of the padding before leaving it to dry on the subfloor.
  • Floating a carpet involves disengaging a carpet and ventilating warm air on the underside to dry out both the laminate and the pad. An axial air-mover is ideal equipment for floating carpets.

 What are carpet pads?

Carpet padding is usually a rubber or sponge material placed directly beneath the carpet and directly above the subfloor. The general thickness, or gauge, of the carpet pad, can vary from home to home. When water enters a property, it can migrate through carpet fibers and laminate, which causes the carpet pad to absorb moisture. Generally, when this moisture absorption occurs, the most effective solution is to remove the pad altogether. SERVPRO technicians can remove the pad, cut it into smaller pieces, and place in double-sealed waste bags to remove the property. In many situations replacing the carpet the pad is unnecessary as existing carpet can be rolled onto a new pad.

How does water affect floor assembly?

  • Light exposure to moisture affects the finish- either carpet or floorboard solely.
  • Moderate water exposure may soak into the carpet pad below the floor which can lead to microbial growth or odor.
  • Significant water intrusion can affect the subfloor beneath the finish and pad requiring replacement or cavity drying.

Are hardwood floors ruined after flooding?

Properties with hardwood floors have a strong chance of restoration due to the resilience of materials like maple, oak, and birch. Often, these floorboards contain a water-resistant finish, which only wears over excess exposure to moisture. A hardwood floor is typically attached to the subfloor with vapor barriers in between to prevent condensation damages. SERVPRO can inspect these floors using a non-penetrating moisture meter to read water migration in the property accurately. Due to hardwoods' expensive nature, it is often better to restore them from even category three water damages. The steps to restore hardwood involve drying, cleaning, sanding, and then refinishing and can take several months to complete.

How can I prevent permanent damages to hardwoods after a flooding event?

When mitigating flood losses in an Amherst property, it makes sense to prioritize expensive materials. Water extraction takes place right away, and technicians may remove any coverings like carpet to save the wood. To prevent permanent damage, it is crucial to reduce the indoor humidity levels around the wood floors. The ideal humidity ratio for drying these floors is 35 to 40 grains per pound (GPP.) A desiccant dehumidifier that utilizes a silica gel can reduce indoor humidity and sustain it to the 35GPP required to save the floor. SERVPRO technicians stock both refrigerant and desiccant dehumidifiers for residential water issues.

How do professionals increase drying efficiency for wet flooring?

  • Pull air from the surface by using negative air-pressure or a drying mat system.
  • Push air beneath planks by positioning air-movers (this technique works best with mill grooved or sleeper system floors)
  • Creating a drying tent and directing hot, dry air directly into the affected portion of the floor

Water frequently causes damage to floor assemblies in residential flooding situations. Contact SERVPRO of Merrimack at (603) 262-9293.

What Problems Can a Fire Cause in my Amherst Home?

9/26/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged home Our team at SERVPRO of Merrimack is your best resource when disaster strikes.

Your Amherst Home Can Face Many Problems Following a Fire. Call SERVPRO to Help You Sort Through the Damage and Restore It

Home fires can leave many consequences behind, and your Amherst home could need help to restore it. Even the smallest of flames can burn drywall, create enough soot to cover all the surfaces in your home and leave behind a pungent smell. When a fire happens, your best approach is to call a professional restoration service who can take a comprehensive approach to leave your home in its preloss condition.

The reasons why you should call SERVPRO when there's fire damage in your Amherst home are plentiful. For one, our technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to handle fires damage of all sizes. Besides our expertise, we also have access to equipment made specifically for our industry and suited to perform an efficient cleanup process. When necessary, our staff goes as far as packing and moving your belongings to an alternate location where we can clean them while your home's structural elements are being treated. In sum, we become a one-stop team for all your needs after the incident.

What are the typical challenges after a home fire?
The majority of homes show soot on top of all surfaces, including items inside cabinets and window frames. Even if the fire happens in a well-defined area of your house, the impact is widespread. Our SERVPRO team addresses all issues, including irritants in the air, which we counteract by wearing personal protective equipment and using air scrubbers to help purify it. In terms of the actual cleanup, we employ one or a combination of the following:

    •    Solvents- best for any soot already stuck on the surfaces and needing a prolonged application
    •    Chemical agents- our team tailors their use to the organic or inorganic nature of the item to prevent damage due to abrasiveness
    •    Cleaning equipment- adds a mechanical solution to clean each surface

Our team at SERVPRO of Merrimack is your best resource when disaster strikes. Call us at (603) 262-9293 as soon as the emergency occurs and let us mitigate your loss until your home looks “Like it never even happened.”

Can Water Stains Get Removed From My Amherst Conference Room Carpet?

9/14/2020 (Permalink)

Close-up Photo Of Flooded Floor In Kitchen From Water Leak SERVPRO of Merrimack at (603) 262-9293 serves the local community as the go-to choice for commercial water damage repair.

SERVPRO technicians bring the equipment and cleaning agents to local Amherst businesses to restore them from any size water damage

Handling the restoration of an Amherst property after commercial water damage, even when attempts have already been made at cleanup, is something SERVPRO does best. The use of improper cleaning solutions or methods can make water stains worse or, in some cases, permanent. The technicians can test the fibers of the carpet and scope the existing issues to determine an accurate restorability factor.

What is the Best Method for Commercial Water Damage Repair of a Wet Conference Room?
SERVPRO techs perform several actions before they decide on a method for commercial water damage repair in an Amherst office. Conference rooms frequently have large tables, numerous chairs, and often carpet. Some of the most common primary tasks are:
    •    Extracting the water  
    •    Removing the chairs and placing the table on blocks
    •    Scoping the room for seepage under the carpet into the subfloor
    •    Double-checking for wicking of water in the walls
    •    Carpet fibers get tested to determine if dye bleeds or shrinkage is a possible issue

There is never a single method for water cleanup. The techs take each structural element and determine the activity for the best outcome. For example, the sheetrock may wick water, and the techs can remove the baseboards and cut only the saturated part of the sheetrock off, leaving the majority of the wall intact. This assists with drying the room and makes the needed cosmetic repairs quicker than replacing an entire portion of the wall, saving the property owner the cost of replacement and assisting in reopening the business faster.

SERVPRO of Merrimack at (603) 262-9293 serves the local community as the go-to choice for commercial water damage repair. The certified technicians work fast and efficiently to get your property restored and your business back to normal operations as quickly as possible.

Should a Homeowner Try to Remove Mold on Their Own or Hire a Mold Removal Company in Merrimack?

9/13/2020 (Permalink)

black and yellow mold damage under pulled up corner of  lavender wallpaper Don’t panic when you discover a mold infestation in your home. Contact SERVPRO to mitigate the situation.

Research-Based Detection of the Moisture Problem Fueling Fungal Growth and a Long Term Plan to Inhibit Microbial Rebound Are Reasons Why SERVPRO Stands Out Among Mold Removal Companies in Merrimack

Mold issues are common in residences in Merrimack, just like elsewhere in the Northeast. Understanding how a mold outbreak gets its start clarifies how vulnerable nearly every household is to fungal damage. Mold spores are tiny, invisible to the naked eye. They float on air currents and track into homes on footwear, pets, and clothing. As long as no consistent water source is available, the spores stay dry and simply coexist with the occupants of a home, inert, drifting in the breeze or settling on surfaces and furnishings.

How Do Inconspicuous Mold Spores Become Troublesome Mold Colonies?

Spores are impossible to eradicate, but reputable mold removal companies in Merrimack do not attempt or promise to rid a home of the spores. Instead, appropriately trained and certified mold remediation technicians focus on breaking the cycle of active mold growth. Mold growth can occur rapidly, needing only 24 to 48 hours of exposure to a water source to start dividing and multiplying. It is critical for you not to ignore water incursions based on seemingly minor circumstances such as:

  • Slow drips in plumbing under sinks and in walls
  • Clogged air conditioning drains and seeping condensation coils
  • Repeated spills near pet feeding areas
  • Precipitation blowing in through open windows and doors
  • Mudrooms where foot and outerwear do not dry out entirely because of inadequate ventilation
  • Steamy kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry areas without exhaust fans or inconsistently used equipment 

Removing rapidly multiplying colonies is one crucial step, but focusing only on removal is inadequate. Vigilance in managing moisture and using scientific principles to inhibit continuous reinfestation are why we follow the protocols of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) when taking on your mold concerns.

What Are the EPA’s Mold Remediation Directives?

We approach all water damage issues with transparency and integrity, which is why SERVPRO concentrates on proactive interventions designed to minimize the chances that mold growth in Merrimack takes hold. Our mission is not to return to your home repeatedly to manage mold but to give you the knowledge that empowers you to avoid most mold problems. Before we can start you off on a clean slate, we proceed per the EPA as follows:

  • We locate the mold -- often with your help as you point out the feathery or leathery growth or notice the unmistakable musty smell.
  • We contain the area:
    • Wrapping the affected space in 1.6 mil polyethylene, frequently supported by plastic conduit
    • Installing a negative pressure air scrubber to seal the perimeter of the containment chamber and to force airborne mold particles through HEPA filters before exhausting to the outdoors
  • We mechanically remove the mold organisms through:
    • Brushing
    • Scraping
    • Controlled blasting with soda or other gentle abrasives that also incapacitate the continued growth of the mold’s invasive filaments or “hyphae”
  • The contained space is cleaned of moldy debris, including any porous material too infiltrated to remediation. Wipe down and vacuuming with HEPA-filtered equipment reduces the spore levels to the “normal” measurement of the average home.
  • The debris is double-bagged and disposed of as hazardous waste following local rules and regulations.
  • Topical EPA-registered antimicrobials treat the affected surfaces to kill residual spores and inhibit fast regrowth.
  • We might recommend sealing surfaces with paint-like primers impregnated with EPA-registered antimicrobials for another “layer” of protection from mold rebound.

How Do Professionals Manage the Moisture?

A mold removal project is incomplete unless the water damage or lingering moisture issues that caused the mold damage are addressed. We are very experienced in discovering the cause of water loss and following the migration of fluids and absorbed moisture far from the original crisis site. To do this, we:

  • Visually inspect, looking for staining, peeling paint, and bulging building materials
  • Use moisture detection and metering devices to map out and evaluate the intensity of any remaining liquid or absorbed water 
  • Provide water removal or structural drying services
  • Help you arrange for repair of leaks in roofs, plumbing, or appliances
  • Help assess high humidity concerns that can lead to mold growth and recommending strategies such as:
  • Installation of exhaust fans
  • Adjustment of HVAC systems
  • Improving ventilation 
  • Adding constant or periodic dehumidification to the affected areas 

We do not consider remediation complete until we find and arrange for the elimination of the water damage behind mold growth, why SERVPRO of Merrimack delivers sustainable results. Call (603) 262-9293 for a consultation and learn what we can offer as a long term solution for mold growth removal.

Why are My Bulkhead Doors Letting Water Into My Amherst House?

8/18/2020 (Permalink)

Flood in a house with furniture floating Storms can bring flood damage into your home, and SERVPRO of Merrimack at (603) 262-9293 stands ready 24/7 to remove the water and clean up the mess!

SERVPRO technicians can clean up the water damage and pinpoint the repairs that need to occur in your Amherst home

Bulkhead doors are a nice low-key entrance to a basement or cellar; however, they require the same maintenance and attention as other areas of the home. If the foundation plate or doors develop gaps or cracks that do not get addressed, the next heavy storm or flash flood can dump a large amount of water into the lowest level of your Amherst home. If you have a sump pump, it can get overheated if there is too much water, and to ensure all the water gets extracted, bringing in a professional restoration services company helps avoid issues from an inadequate cleanup.

How Can I Stop Flood Damage Leaking Into My Basement?

When you have leaking bulkhead doors in your Amherst home and flood damage is the issue, bringing in SERVPRO as rapidly as you can help minimize the amount of damage to the house. The techs can apply temporary measures to stop further water from entering the house while they:
    •    Extract the water
    •    Use submersible pumps or truck-mounted as needed
    •    Dry the premises
    •    Move out articles to a safe area

Once the technicians finish the cleanup, they use their equipment to measure the air moisture levels and detection equipment to ensure that the conditions are not hospitable to mold growth, and all the water got extracted and dried. At this time, they will move items back into the area and place them in their exact positions, so there are no issues finding something post-cleanup. Afterward, the crew chief goes over the actions taken, so everyone is on the same page, and if any repairs need to happen, the homeowner gets an action list to make explaining what needs to occur easy.

Storms can bring flood damage into your home, and SERVPRO of Merrimack at (603) 262-9293 stands ready 24/7 to remove the water and clean up the mess that gets left behind to make it, “Like it never even happened.”

How Can I Isolate Some Sections Of My Merrimack House During Water Removal?

8/14/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment on the floor of a home. We can help with all areas of your Merrimack water damage.

SERVPRO Is One of the Premier Water Removal Services in Merrimack That Can Help Take Care of All Your Needs in Case of Water Intrusion

Once you discover a water spill at your home, several things run through your mind, including how to stop the source, remove the water, and take care of any necessary repairs. Apart from these routine issues, you might also have unique needs, such as isolating some sections of your Merrimack property during the restoration process.

What reasons could prompt seclusion of some sections in a home?

Water removal exercises in Merrimack are unique at each property and in every incident. The incident at your home may present some unique challenges that prompt you to desire seclusion of some areas. Some typical reasons include:

  • Residency purposes
  • To prevent the unchecked spread of unwanted materials
  • To create a temporary but safe storage section

You may be worried about the implications of staying in a wet house, including the possibility of developing respiratory issues but, at the same time, want to save the cost of seeking alternative accommodation. Safeguarding the sections of the property unaffected by the water spill can ensure you achieve both goals. 

Is containment sufficient in safeguarding the desired areas?

Establishing containment around specific areas of the property is an excellent way to achieve the desired seclusion. Our SERVPRO technicians can help you create the right type of containment using suitable materials that create airtight barriers. For instance sealing off openings such as doors or hallways to separate some rooms or sections of the property from the affected areas, thus locking out moisture or debris from spreading, is easier with supplies such as:

  • Spring-loaded poles 
  • 4 or 6-mil plastic sheets
  • Zip lock doors
  • Painters tape

With these materials, such containment is easy to set up, taking only a few minutes to construct. As one among the leading restoration companies in the area, we reuse most of the materials we use to set up containment in properties, thus spreading the acquisition costs around rather than burdening a single project.

Apart from limiting moisture from spreading, do containments help water removal in any way?

The drying phase of water removal involves accelerating evaporation, among other processes. If such evaporation drives the humidity level in the air too high, materials with hygroscopic properties such as gypsum or upholstery fabrics in unaffected sections of the property can reabsorb the evaporating moisture, thus recreating the problem. Containing the wet areas creates an opportunity to maximize evaporation efforts without the other problems, thus improving the turnaround time of the entire removal process.

Is containment sufficient in limiting water movement?

Once water leaks into a property, it spreads from the original access point in a couple of ways including:

  • Surface flow
  • Capillary action
  • Evaporation 

Containment mostly helps stop humidity laden air from circulating all over the property.  It might also help prevent some surface flow to a certain degree. Our SERVPRO technicians incorporate other water removal procedures depending on the conditions at your property. For instance, if there are pools on the floors, expediting water extraction is helpful. We have access to sufficient units of water removal equipment, including:

  • Portable extraction units
  • Deep extraction tools
  • Light wands
  • Drying mats

Sometimes the source of the spreading moisture is hidden away in a wall or floor cavity. Containment alone is not a viable solution for such a problem. Our technicians find resourceful ways to deal with such moisture reservoirs to ensure the removal of the moisture threat to the entire property. For a non-invasive approach, we use structural cavity drying equipment to remove the moisture.  The process only requires drilling small holes at the base of the walls, which can help release any water trapped in the cavity. Later we use the holes as the access points for the cavity drying equipment to direct airflow into the wall cavity. The systems replace the moist cold air trapped in the cavity with warmer dry air, which absorbs more moisture, thus promoting drying. 

In the case of water trapped within the floor assembly, we can use drying mats, which help pull water beneath tiles or wooden floorboards. Removal using drying mats is not only practical but also helps avoid irreversible damage that other methods can cause on hard surfaces such as tiles or hardwood. The mats create an airtight seal with the floor surface allowing a high lift extractor to suction the water from the floor through the allocated openings. 

When you have unique challenges caused by water spills, SERVPRO of Merrimack is one of the best restoration companies in the area that you can call for assistance. You can reach us at (603) 262-9293 so that we help you deal with any challenge, "Like it never even happened."